Thursday, October 15, 2009

The SYHO kickoff begins November 1st....Don't miss it!

The Stitch Your Heart Out (SYHO) Campaign was created to excite stitchers with a new and fun project, create an interest in stitching for non-stitchers and introduce stitching to the next generation while promoting heart health.

Introducing the SYHO designer encyclopedia: join in on the fun! SYHO has created a one of a kind stitching experience that will last an entire year! Starting in February 2010, the first Friday of every month for 12 months a new design will be released by industry leading designers, with great interviews, interactive games, fun LNS stitch nights, prizes, heart healthy recipes and much much more! Once you have stitched all 12 designs, you will receive FREE instructions on how to assemble the 12 designs into a stitched designer encyclopedia. Be sure to check out the SYHO blog for more information about our participating designers: Glendon Place, Rosewood Manor, Blue Ribbon Designs, La D Da, Trail Creek Farm, Ink Circles, Homespun Elegance, Monsterbubbles, CherryWood Designs, Designs By Lisa, Myrtle Grace Motifs and …we can’t tell you everything yet…(:

Have a hard time showing your friends all that stitching has to offer? With so many different projects how can you possibly help a non-stitching friend find a project to fit their taste? Not a problem! Loose Thread Stitchers is proud to introduce the ABC’s of Cross Stitch Coffee Table Book. This book is filled from A to Z with stunning photos of projects and supplies that will catch the attention and spark an interest in even the hardest to please non-stitcher. Don’t worry! Stitchers can use it too! The book also doubles as an autograph book. Now you can bring your book on retreats and at tradeshows to collect all 26 signatures. Be sure to check out the SYHO blog for more info about the 26 participating needlework companies (Just Another Button Company, Weeks Dye Works, With my Needle, Jeanette Douglas Designs, Fancyworks, It’s Finally Finished, Funk and Weber Designs…just to name a few) and find out how you can win the designs and products featured in the SYHO ABC book.

Worried about the future of needlework and want to help introduce cross stitch to the next generation? Great! Loose Thread Stitchers has partnered with Funk and Weber Designs on the Literacy and ThREAD campaign. Stitchers can create bookmarks to donate to local schools, Girl Scout troops, after school programs, etc. and help introduce cross stitch to the next generation. Need inspiration? Check out the Complimentary SYHO Bookmark challenge chart for a chance to stitch and win!

At Loose Thread Stitchers our mission is to build the needlework community one Loose Thread at a time. All we need is YOU! Are you ready to accept the challenge? Join us on the SYHO Blog to find out more about the SYHO campaign and our intent to create a World Wide Stitching Rave (WWSR). Won’t you join us?

Stitch Your Heart Our Campaign

Loose Thread Stitchers


  1. That is way to cool! I love stitching as well as knitting and crocheting.

  2. How do I sign up? Is there a preview of the designs somewhere? Kind of would like an idea of how much stitching is involved. Thank you

  3. Count me in I would love to join in.