Monday, November 2, 2009

SYHO Designer Encyclopedia FAQ's

We are excited to reveal our 2010 SYHO Designer Encyclopedia participants and provide a bit more information about this piece of the SYHO Campaign. We will continually update this posting with new content as we receive new questions. Feel free to send all questions regarding the 2010 SYHO Designer Encyclopedia to the official SYHO e-mail.

1 ~ What designers are participating in the Encyclopedia and what month are they?
Below please find our list of designers and their assigned SYHO Designer Encyclopedia Month:

February 2010 ~ Glendon Place
March 2010 ~ CherryWood Designs
April 2010 ~ Blue Ribbon Designs
May 2010 ~ Designs By Lisa
June 2010 ~ Homespun Elegance
July 2010 ~ Rosewood Manor
August 2010 ~ Ink Circles
September 2010 ~ Country Garden Stitchery
October 2010 ~ Monsterbubbles
November 2010 ~ Myrtle Grace Motifs
December 2010 ~ Trail Creek Farm
January 2010 ~ La D Da

2 ~ How large is each design?
Each design will fit 50X50 on 32 count fabric. We wanted to create a size that can be stitched easily within the monthly time frame. Please feel free to choose the fabric size that suits you best. If you will be stitching all 12 designs and intend on creating the designer encyclopedia when finished, be sure to choose the same size fabric for all 12 designs.

3 ~ When will the designs be available for purchase?
Each design will be available from Hoffman Distributing Company to Local Needlework Shops the first Friday of each month. Hoffman Distributing Company is the EXCLUSIVE and ONLY Distributor who is carrying the entire SYHO Designer Encyclopedia line. Please contact your LNS or visit our participating shops page to find out when your shop will have the designs in stock.

4 ~ How can I join or sign up?
A ~ Contact your LNS and ask them to order the SYHO Designer Encyclopedia series from Hoffman Distributing Company or contact us at the official SYHO e-mail
B ~ You can view a list of current LNS's who will be participating at the SYHO blog here.
C ~ Contact SYHO if you have additional questions, or need more information.

5 ~ What about cost?
All 12 designers have made a strong effort to ensure that all who would like to stitch the SYHO Designer Encyclopedia would be able to do so and still stick to their budget. All 12 charts will have the same low price and be affordable for stitchers to enjoy each and every month. Please check your LNS or view our list of participating shops for their cost per chart here.

6 ~ What is the difficulty level? Can any stitcher do this series?
The SYHO designs are to be enjoyed by all skill levels. Most designs are in cross stitch, some have a few specialty stitches and perhaps a embellishment or 2. Do not worry, all designers involved will provide clear and detailed instructions and diagrams for the "tricky" parts. As always you can contact your LNS, the particular designer or SYHO if you have any questions or need help.

7 ~ What supplies do I need to complete each chart? Will there be a list?
Some time in February (or possibly sooner) we will release a supply list for all 12 charts. This will help you plan your purchases through the year, take advantage of sales or work with your LNS to kit each design. Alternatives will be provided for specialty fibers.

8 ~ Will a preview of designs be available?
Yes. Your LNS will be able to view the entire collection of designs, finished in encyclopedia form, at Nashville in February. Your LNS will be provided photos for their website, blog, newsletter, etc. SYHO will also create a section where stitchers can view all 12 designs on our blog.

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