Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When does the SYHO Bookmark contest for the Funk and Weber Stitching for Literacy Campaign start and end?
The SYHO Bookmark challenge for the Literacy and ThREAD Campaign runs November 1st through March 17, 2010.  The Literacy and ThREAD Campaign begins March 18th and runs through May 6th.  To be eligible for the SYHO prizes, you will need to complete your bookmark and deliver to your LNS or Loose Thread Stitchers no later than March 27h, 2010.  The Loose Thread Stitchers SYHO Bookmark Challenge winner will be announced in April.

How can I participate?
Complete a bookmark for a child to encourage their love of reading and share your love of stitching with the next generation.  Each bookmark donated will = 1 entry in the Loose Thread Stitchers SYHO Bookmark Contest.  Bookmark(s) should be donated to a participating Needlework Industry Professional (please view the Literacy and ThREAD blog for a list of participating shops, guilds and companies) or send via snail mail directly to Loose Thread Stitchers.  Please provide Loose Thread Stitchers with the following information to be entered to win the SYHO Bookmark Contest:
Stitcher’s Name
Designer / Design Name
Design website
 Photo of design
Stitchers contact information
All bookmarks will be added to the Loose Thread Stitchers SYHO Flicker page with design information, stitchers first name and hometown.  This will be a wonderful resource to view the entire collection of bookmarks that will be donated.

How does the contest work?
Each bookmark donated equals 1 entry.  The more bookmarks stitched, the more entries you receive and the better your chance of winning the SYHO Bookmark Contest.  Be sure to submit your bookmark by the March 27th deadline to be entered to win.  The SYHO Bookmark contest winner will announced in April.

What are the prizes?  What can I win?
Retail Prizes Valued at over $500.  Prizes include:  
136 Skeins of Gentle Art Fibers
12 pack of Olde Willow Stitchery Silk Threads
Au Fil des Reves Scissor Fob and Scissorkeep Kit
Heart in Hand Wool Whimsy Nicolas
Trail Creek Farm Nuts Stitch Here Kit
M Designs Floral Fun Kit
EZ Count Guideline Stitch Threads
Indigo Rose The Bee Charmer Pin Pillow Kit

I’d love to participate but I am not sure what kids today are into, have any ideas or suggestions?

Sure!  Loose Thread Stitchers has created a complimentary chart full of heart motifs that would be a perfect fit for any little girl.  LTS also polled children ages 7-14 as to what kind of bookmark they would like to receive.  Suggestions include:

Sports themes ~ soccer, football, baseball, hockey, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball, etc.
Music themes ~ music notes, piano, guitar, CD’s, boom box, turn table, etc.
Girlie themes ~ hearts, flowers, swirls, make-up, lipstick, jewelry, dresses, shoes, cupcakes, balloons, hair accessories, etc.
Animal theme ~ snakes, bears, dogs, cats, birds, tigers, etc.
Current trends ~ skull and cross bones, rock and roll, zebra prints, bling, etc.
Check your stash and take small motifs from a bunch of different charts to create a bookmark that will get kids excited about needlework and interested in trying it for themselves! 

How can I get a copy of the Loose Thread Stitchers SYHO Complimentary Bookmark Chart?
The SYHO chart will be available from participating LNS’s, included in the SYHO newsletter each month, as well as posted to the SYHO Facebook page and the SYHO blog.  If all else fails, e-mail us at and we will send you a copy of the chart.