Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing Classy Lass by Homespun Elegance

Have you heard that Sandra of Homespun Elegance has a new line?  "Classy Lass" is a new venture for Sandra's daughter, Hollis, and herself. Hollis is taking Sandra's collection of vintage buttons and trims to embellish purses, jewelry, pillows and other fabrications. Sandra told me they are having such fun with this and hope you will like what we are doing. We will be adding to this page very soon with many more available items.

At the present time, they are offering "Sacks" and "Clutches", ranging in price from $24 to $36. They will all be embellished with "vintage" or "contemporary" buttons, trims, etc. Some will even have needle felting and applique embellishment. There is enough room for your cell phone, money, credit cards, lipstitck, keys - all the essentials. Just perfect for that special occasion or shopping day when you don't want to lug a big purse. These are one of a kind, so you will have something no one else has.

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