Monday, December 27, 2010

Myrtle Grace Motifs needs your help!

Come join their Facebook page and vote on what to call this new little creation.  Does she look like a Percy or a Penny?  I love MGM's.  They create their designs in both counted cross stitch and punch needle.  I am especially into this design since my MIL collects Elephants and I've never seen one that I could stitch for her.....only 5 months till her B-day.  I am thinking I will get this all kited up and take it to the hospital with me when I visit Bryn in the NICU.  I can keep my hands busy while I spend some time with her.   

Be sure to check out the Myrtle Grace Motifs Blog......I just found a great recipe for left over watermelon rind.  I had no idea!  This will be perfect once the watermelon are ready to be picked from the garden next year.

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