Friday, March 11, 2011

5 Fun Facts about Tracy Horner of Ink Circles

5 Fun Facts about Tracy Horner of Ink Circles

“Ink Circles” was the wording my husband used to generically refer to the mandalas, Celtic knots, and other geometric/symmetrical things that I drew and painted.

I’m one of few women who have been out to sea in a naval submarine (Just for a day, and I was sick as a dog until we submerged.

I don’t go out without my doodle-journal and at least six different types of pens & pencils.  You never know when inspiration is going to str

I showed my dog how to use twitter and he really likes it.  @HeyToaster 
I say that I hate cute things.  I don’t design cute things. I hate frilly lace and pink.  But I secretly like Hello Kitty and the similar Japanese cuteness “kawaii”.

To learn more about Ink Circles, be sure to check out the Ink Circles Website, Blog, ETSY Shop, Twitter and Facebook page

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