Friday, March 18, 2011

Country Garden Stitchery ~ Freebie Friday

I know we are only a few days past St. Patty's Day but I saw this pattern from Country Garden Stitchery and I thought it was perfect to make for the girls to celebrate Spring.

Not only is is a quick stitch but it can be easily converted to frame, stitched bag (shown above), pillows, wall hangings...there are so many options.

I am going to create a love book for each of the girls (to be honest, I am going to do it for the little guy too but I am sure he'd be embarrassed I wrote about it on the blog).  Our love books are almost full and I'd love a new way to pass notes and fun stories to the kids.

The best part?  The pattern is FREE ~ LOVE the Country Garden Stitchery!  They have a great array of unique patterns for cross stitch and embroidery.

You can check out their blog HERE or join their Facebook page HERE.
I'm going to give myself a week to wind down from the St. Patty's Day hub bub (it's a big deal in my house, the big guy and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year and my family is as Irish as it gets) and then I am getting to work on this!

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