Monday, May 10, 2010

Moday Morning Motto ~ Designs By Lisa

I know I am not the only one who wakes up on Monday morning and feels a bit....blah......well actually if I must be honest (and b/c this is a blog by a mom for moms, I guess I'd better be) I am like that almost every morning. My poor husband had no idea what he was getting into and yet he's still here after almost 10 years....bless his heart!

Yes I admit it, I am NOT a morning person. My face is full of pillow wrinkles and my hair has become a tangled mess insisting on running in 1,000 directions to avoid a comb and welcoming a hat. I get up b/c I have 3 small children to get out the door to school and work to get done before they get home. Otherwise, I would sleep till noon. Alas, those college days are far behind me.

So after I got the last little one out the door and settled down to write the Monday morning Loose Thread Stitchers Facebook update and view my friends Facebook updates I came across one that made me smile...on a MONDAY morning no less....NEVER happens (:

My girlfriend, Kathy of Designs by Lisa, just released a new design called Monday Morning Motto and I promise you the only difference between me and the bird is the color of the hair. I am so getting this one and putting it right next to my bed on my nightstand. Maybe if I see it in the mornings it will get a little spring in my step and a smile on my if it could only get rid of the pillow wrinkles and bed head, I'd be set!

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