Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seven Words to fight Breast Cancer

We'd like to highlight a non-stitching related cause today. We have worked with Michelle from MKC Photography in the past on an amazing series of sewing images and she recently shared with us her newest work to help raise money for Breast Cancer. We just had to share it with our members....

I took a poll. I asked women what words they would want to hear when facing a battle, what words they would say to their mother, their sister, their friend. I arranged them in order, from the first day, moving on and upward, through the journey. These seven words are for my aunts. They are for my cousin. They are for my college professor. They are for my childhood friend. They are for each one of us, because cancer touches us all.

In honor of May and Mother's Day, 25% of all proceeds from this print will go directly to my dear friend's organization, Phi Mammo Gramma, as they raise funds for the Avon Three Day Walk in the hope that, one day, the eighth word will be "cure."

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